Gianluca Ferrari
Rigging - Staging - Audio - Video - Lighting


About me

Born and raised in Trento, in the north of Italy, I've always been fascinated by nature and outdoor life, so when I first found out a way to travel and work outdoor, always in different venues, I picked up the occasion. After high school I started working part time as a live shows technician for lights and audio, mainly with preparation and revision of the materials and equipment for the events. In the years I extended my competences working with video productions and installations of video equipment, providing the initial set up and then the assistance to the costumers. In 2013 I opened my own business, offering my experience as a freelance technician.

In February 2014 I moved to Sydney, Australia, to improve my English skills, challenge myself and gain more experience in different jobs and in my previous areas of knowledge, interested in how showbiz is run in other parts of the world. This adventure ended in February 2016, and now I am back in Europe. Currently a freelance, I am mainly working as rigger and occasionally as general technician in the entertainment industry. I hold the Dogging and Basic Rigging certification for Australia and the IRATA level 1. I am always looking for challenging work, so if a hard worker with a strong work ethic is the figure you're looking for, I might suit your needs, either for casual or full time employment and anywhere in the world.

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Thank your for your time, I hope to work soon together!

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